Hundreds of parts you see and don't see can be damaged in a collision.
Aftermarket or salvaged replacement parts aren't guaranteed to provide the same fit, quality or durability as new Ford replacement parts.
Damage affects more than just sheet metal. If you're ever in an accident, make sure you find an expert Ford technician—they're the most qualified to fix your Ford.
You have to be your own advocate to get the right parts. Make sure you find a trustworthy body shop and let them know you want new OEM parts.
Before you start any repairs, make sure your insurance company knows you want the right parts for your Ford. It's your right to get only new OEM replacement parts.

Keep your Ford a Ford.

The best time to talk about collisions is before you’re ever in one.

Keep your Ford a Ford.

It starts and ends with the right parts, Insurance and repairs.



That Sounds Bad

Unless you demand new OEM Ford Collision parts, the parts used in your repairs could come from anywhere.

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Think a Part is Just a Part? Think Again.

The reasons you bought your Ford are the same reasons you should only replace damaged parts with original Ford Collision parts.

Damage to sheet metal is more than just cosmetic. Sheet metal protects the highly advanced parts and systems in your doors, roof, bumpers and more.
Make sure a reputable Collision Shop inspects sheet metal damage to make sure it’s nothing more than a dent that can be bumped out.
Newer model vehicles use high-strength sheet metals, such as military-grade aluminum. Aftermarket suppliers aren’t equipped like Ford to replicate this metal.
High-strength, military-grade aluminum manufactured by Ford should not be repaired by just anyone. Find an aluminum-capable Ford or independent collision shop here.

The Right Insurance Policy Matters

You bought a Ford, so you should keep it a Ford. You have the right to choose the repair shop and the parts that are used to fix your Ford, even if your insurance company tells you otherwise.

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  • When It's ° and Sunny

    (with a chance of collisions).

    Make sure your windshield is clean inside and out

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  • When It's ° and Rainy

    (with a chance of collisions).

    Slow down and leave room for stopping

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  • When It's ° and Foggy

    (with a chance of collisions).

    Give yourself plenty of time to react when it’s hard to see

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  • When It's ° and Icy

    (with a chance of collisions).

    Don’t drive if you don’t have to

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  • When It's ° and Snowy

    (with a chance of collisions).

    Take your time and leave room for stopping

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  • When It's ° and Nighttime

    (with a chance of collisions).

    Check your head and taillamps to make sure they are all working

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