For Collision Repair,
Choose Your Parts Wisely

It's safe to say, the surest way to return your Ford to its pre-accident condition is to choose a Ford Certified Collision Network (FCCN) Center and Original Ford Parts.

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Ford Certified Collision Network (FCCN)

FCCN repair centers have the specialized training and tools necessary to return your Ford to its pre-collision condition. Our expert technicians understand the importance of using Original Ford Parts that meet the highest standards for fit and function. Beyond helping ensure optimal vehicle performance, having access to the right training, tools and parts means enhanced safety for you and your family.

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Not All Collision Parts Are Created Equal

Original Ford Parts are the safe choice for collision repairs because these replacement parts are just like the ones your vehicle came with. Aftermarket, salvage and counterfeit alternatives are not the same.

car windshields are considered collision parts

WINDSHIELD SAFETY SYSTEMS - Your OEM windshield is designed to integrate with camera systems that inform everything from lane departure warnings to autonomous braking to rain sensors. A windshield with differences in shape, thickness or other specifications can affect camera calibrations and impact safety.

ACOUSTIC GLASS - SoundScreen® acoustic glass significantly softens noise coming from the engine, tires and wind while driving – helping to improve the overall cabin experience. Aftermarket windshields lack the same high-level noise deafening layer of ply that you’ll find with an OEM windshield.

STRUCTURAL INTEGRITY - When an air bag is activated in a crash, an OEM windshield is designed to remain in the frame to help maintain your vehicle’s structural integrity. If the angle and specifications are not the same as the original windshield, there can be a greater risk of the windshield detaching – reducing air bag effectiveness.

shiny ford wheel show Original Ford Parts are the safest choice for your vehicle after an accident

TESTING - Every new part goes through rigorous testing to meet the highest governmental safety standards before being placed in a Ford Motor Company vehicle. These parts are tested independently, and also tested to work with the vehicle as a system, something that the aftermarket neither does nor has the means to do.

WHEEL RIMS - Your wheels bear the weight of your vehicle, so if they are cracked or bent, any stress from driving can damage them even more.

“Fixing” wheel rims may leave the metal weakened, which can cause further damage to the wheel or tire, and can even lead to an accident.

sheet metal isn't just sheet metal, even on a car door

SHEET METAL - Damage to sheet metal is more than just cosmetic. Sheet metal protects the highly advanced parts and systems in your doors, roof, bumpers and more.

Make sure a reputable Collision Center inspects sheet metal damage to make sure it’s nothing more than a dent that can be bumped out.

HIGH-STRENGTH, MILITARY-GRADE ALUMINUM - Newer model vehicles use high-strength sheet metals, such as military-grade aluminum. Aftermarket suppliers aren’t equipped like Ford to replicate this metal.

High-strength, military-grade aluminum manufactured by Ford should not be repaired by just anyone. Find an aluminum-capable Ford or independent collision center here.

Why Ford Collision Parts are the choice option

The right insurance matters

You have the right to choose the repair center and the parts that will keep your Ford a Ford. To be safe, make a point of requesting an Original Equipment (OE) coverage on your auto insurance policy. If you’re ever in an accident, you can then let your insurance agent know you want OE parts to be used for any repairs.

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  • When It's ° and Overcast

    (with a chance of collisions)

    Headlights help make for safe driving, even during the day

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  • When It's ° and Sunny

    (with a chance of collisions)

    Make sure your windshield is clean inside and out

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  • When It's ° and Rainy

    (with a chance of collisions)

    Slow down and leave room for stopping

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  • When It's ° and Foggy

    (with a chance of collisions)

    Give yourself plenty of time to react when it’s hard to see

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  • When It's ° and Icy

    (with a chance of collisions)

    Don’t drive if you don’t have to

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  • When It's ° and Snowy

    (with a chance of collisions)

    Take your time and leave room for stopping

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  • When It's ° and Nighttime

    (with a chance of collisions)

    Check your head and taillamps to make sure they are all working

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