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Ford makes vehicles for people who love to drive. But replacing parts with anything other than new Original Ford Collision Parts can compromise everything, including your vehicle’s quality, durability and safety.

You’ll want the right parts after you learn why these parts are wrong.

Aftermarket Parts

What you don’t want to see listed with the parts on your collision estimate:

  • Automotive Replacement
  • New Aftermarket
  • Competitive Parts
  • Copy Parts
  • Like Kind and Quality
  • Quality Replacement Parts

Aftermarket collision auto parts can have issues with fit, finish and durability. Unlike Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts, aftermarket parts aren’t tested as part of a system during the vehicle development process and may not meet the same standards as new OEM collision parts.

Read the Ford Position Statement on aftermarket parts.

Read the Lincoln Position Statement on aftermarket parts.

Salvage Parts

The most common names used on estimates for salvage parts taken from a wreck:

  • Reconditioned (Recon)
  • Recycled

These are parts taken from a wrecked vehicle and used to replace parts on your vehicle. Damaged parts from your own vehicle can also be salvaged and reused after an accident. Metal or other components could be weakened or compromised and may not offer the same fit and finish as a new original part.

Read the Ford Position Statement on salvage parts.

Read the Lincoln Position Statement on salvage parts.

Counterfeit Parts

They will look like real parts, and will even have the Ford logo. Counterfeit auto parts have become an issue of public safety for the FBI, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, and Homeland Security. It’s hard to tell where these fake parts come from, and you probably won’t know if these parts are used in your vehicle. Eliminate this risk by finding a trustworthy body shop and always insisting on new original collision parts.

If you believe you’ve been a victim of counterfeit parts, you can file a complaint with Ford Brand Protection.

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