One Key Benefit to Look For
In Your Auto Policy

When it comes to auto insurance, there’s a big difference between having insurance and actually understanding your insurance. Think about it. If you’re ever in an accident, the goal is to return your vehicle to pre-accident condition. How do you best accomplish that? By ensuring new original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts are used in the repair.

The question is: Does your policy cover OEM parts?

Understand your policy up front

Many policies afford you the right to request new OEM parts for repairs, which is always the best choice for your vehicle. Some policies may cover OEM parts as long as you have a rider on your policy to that effect. Either way, the best time to know exactly what your policy covers is before you’re ever in the position that you need to know.

Start by asking the right questions

Taking the time to ask your insurer these simple questions can help alleviate any uncertainty:

  • Does my current policy include new OEM parts coverage?
  • Can I add an OEM parts rider to my current policy?
  • If I don’t have OEM parts coverage, is there another policy I can get that covers OEM parts if I’m in a collision?
  • Does that ensure that the parts used to repair my vehicle are new OEM parts?

Know your right to request OEM parts

During the repair process, it’s important to keep in mind that you have the right to review your completed estimate and agree to the parts listed before any repair work is started. If your policy permits, this is the time to exercise your right to request OEM parts.

Know your right to choose a repair facility

Beyond the parts, you also have rights when it comes to where your vehicle is repaired. Your insurance company can’t force you to go to a place of their choosing. You have the right to choose your repair facility, and if you drive a Ford, it makes sense to consider a Ford Certified Collision Network (FCCN) center. At FCCN collision centers, you’ll find expert techs using the required equipment and processes to install the OEM parts made to return your vehicle to pre-accident condition.

Remember, there’s no reason to be caught by surprise after an accident. Just know the details of your individual auto insurance policy ahead of time. Be sure to request the quality parts and repair facilities that you are entitled to. And know that if you drive a Ford, choosing Original Ford Collision Parts and credentialed FCCN collision centers is the way to go. It’s your call.

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